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These 5 kinds of dogs have "net red potential" and can't be hidden

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These 5 kinds of dogs have "net red potential" and can't be hidden

Now there are many people who keep dogs, and there are many people who share their dogs on the Internet, so that everyone can see more cute and interesting dogs. And to say that the most "Internet celebrity potential" among them, it has to be these 5 kinds of dogs, which can't be hidden!


Positioning: middle-2, unconventional, unique To say that a dog with Internet celebrity temperament, Husky cannot be excluded from the list. IQ and grasp of "home improvement design" have put him in the position of the number one dog in the dog world, and he has an irresistible appearance. Even if he is not a funny blogger, he can still be a good-looking blogger. Woolen cloth! Feeding suggestions: Huskies are sled dogs, and they exercise a lot. If they can't vent their energy in time, they will want to demolish the house. Therefore, it is best for pet owners to ensure their need to go out. It is recommended to walk 2-3 times a day. About half an hour.

Golden Retriever

Positioning: Warm man, high IQ, sunny and handsome. Golden Retriever is very warm, friendly and down-to-earth, and many people should have the degree of warmth. From what I have heard, and it has a high IQ, it can perceive the owner's emotions very well, understand human nature, and has a high degree of exhortation. No one should reject a cute and obedient little golden retriever. Feeding suggestion: Golden Retriever has a small disadvantage that it is easy to lose hair. It needs the pet owner to take care of it often. It is recommended to comb its hair more, especially when taking a bath. You can also wash and comb while washing, which can reduce the amount of hair loss at home.

Fa Dou

Positioning: The representative of the ugly and cute world, the darling of the fashion circle, Fa Dou has a naturally ugly face, but its appearance is also domineering. With well-developed muscles, compact structure and smooth coat, it has a very distinctive appearance and a great sense of camera. It does have the strength to become the darling of the fashion circle. Feeding advice: The skin of the fox is relatively thin and its resistance is relatively weak. The body cannot be in a humid environment for a long time, so the pet should provide it with a clean and tidy living environment, otherwise it is prone to skin diseases.


Positioning: The cute little corgi with short legs and hips has short and cute legs. It is definitely a "major skill" for its cute blessing. But to say that it is the most out of the circle is its unique peach hip, which can be called an electric small motor. It twists and turns when it walks, and it has captured the hearts of many pet owners. I can only say, ah hello, No such temptation! Feeding advice: If you want to raise Corgi, you must pay attention to its diet. It has a glass stomach. It is best to choose a dog food that is easy to digest and cares for the stomach.

Shiba Inu

Positioning: The original Internet celebrity potential of the Shiba Inu, a funny, emoticon bag, is reflected in its popular expressions on the Internet Bag, I don't believe that someone has never seen the Shiba Inu's emoji. If there is, it will disappoint the Shiba Inu, OK? Shiba Inu can be cute and funny, and it is still a showman. It may be that it is proficient in "On How to Control the Master's Means", so every time he plays tricks and acts well, people can't refuse. Breeding suggestions: Shiba Inu is a relatively independent puppy, it has its little stubbornness, so it often plays such a plot: it is easy to take it out, but it is very difficult to take the dog home. If you want Shiba Inu to be more obedient, you can train it from an early age to make it more obedient to its owner. Of course, you can also lure it with snacks when it is stubborn and let it go home obediently. Conclusion: Is there any dog ​​you like above?


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