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National Geographic Queen Elizabeth II Collection Atlas

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National Geographic Queen Elizabeth II Collection Atlas

"I must be the only one who wears a hat regularly," the Queen wrote to Philip Somerville, the royal dressmaker who designed the queen for a quarter of a century before Somerville died in 2014 hat of. This is a photo of the Queen in 2009. PHOTOGRAPH BY LUKE MACGREGOR, REUTERS (more pictures after the article) Compilation: The Red Queen Reminder: It takes about 5 minutes to read this article Queen Elizabeth II, Alexandra Mary Windsor, in September 2022 UK time Died on the 8th at the age of 96, leaving a country in mourning for her. As the longest-reigning monarch in British history, Queen Elizabeth II fulfilled a lifelong oath she once made: "A lifetime of solemn devotion". She transformed from a reserved young princess to a calm public figure, taking on the image of a country as a female king. During her reign, the decline of the former "British Empire" was linked to the modern Commonwealth of Nations. She is an unforgettable witness to the political history of the contemporary world. She leads not only a country in flux, but a family marked by scandal and conflict. A humble trailblazer, Elizabeth II acts as a bridge between past and present. She came to power in a country that still had the trauma of World War II and had a turbulent time. She has seen colonies that had been plundered and enslaved become independent instead of continuing under her country's rule. In all this, she symbolizes tradition in the face of change. With her death, Elizabeth II's eldest son, Prince Charles, will take the throne as Britain's first new monarch in generations. Eight-year-old Princess Elizabeth shakes hands with a guard outside Rushmoor Arena. PHOTO: UNIVERSAL HISTORY ARCHIVE, UIG/GETTY Princess Elizabeth, 11 (fourth from left), after the coronation of her father, King George VI. The death of Elizabeth's beloved father in 1952 propelled her to the throne at the age of 25. PHOTO: KEYSTONE, GETTY IMAGES Queen Elizabeth has always been proud of her position as head of the British Armed Forces. Princess Elizabeth, accompanied by Princess Margaret (left) and the Queen Mother (right), meets members of the Grenadines Guard. PHOTOGRAPH BY DAVID E. SCHERMAN, THE LIFE PICTURE COLLECTION, GETTY IMAGES During the Blitz, the Queen Mother asked the future Queen to go to the East End of London to participate in the life of the workers in order to boost morale. This special experience was very inspiring to her. In 1945, Princess Elizabeth studied mechanics in the Auxiliary Territorial Service. PHOTO: POPPERFOTO/GETTY IMAGES In 1947, Prince Philip of Greece (also known as the Duke of Edinburgh) and Queen Elizabeth married in a marriage that was a congeniality rather than a political pairing. It was 1951 and they were with their children Charles and Anne. Source: KEYSTONE, GETTY IMAGE Princess Elizabeth leaves Buckingham Palace for her coronation at Westminster Abbey on June 2, 1953. PHOTO: MONTY FRESCO, TOPICAL PRESS AGENCY, GETTY IMAGES In February 1954, the Queen made her first state visit to Australia. Dressed in a white lace dress and straw hat, she turned up at a garden party in Sydney. Source: KEYSTONE, HULTON ARCHIVE, GETTY IMAGES The Corgi is the Queen's favorite pet. Her first corgi was given to her by her father in 1933. This photo was taken in 1969, and the Queen has raised more than 30 corgis. PHOTO: AFP, GETTY IMAGES The Queen at 33 with the Duke of Edinburgh in Ottawa, Ontario. PHOTO: KATHLEEN REVIS, NAT GEO IMAGE COLLECTION The Queen is known for her love of horses and she never misses a British Derby at Epsom, especially when her own horses are running. In 1979, she chatted with junior obstacle course runners at Windsor Castle. PHOTO: JAMES L. STANFIELD, NAT GEO IMAGE COLLECTION Unlike her own marriage, the marriage of Elizabeth's son Charles to Diana Spencer was a court political marriage. In this 1982 photo, the tense gesture seems to herald a future rift. PHOTO: TERRY FINCHER, PRINCESS DIANA ARCHIVE, GETTY IMAGES In 2007, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, George W. Bush and Mrs. Bush at the White House. Credit: Jay L. Clendenin, High Quality Image Bush meets the Queen at the White House. Credit: Jay L. Clendenin, The Queen of High Graphics Sometimes unsmiling, privately known for her sense of humor. The Queen happily watches the bag race in Scotland in 2012. PHOTO: RUSSELL CHEYNE, REUTERS In 2007, the Queen dazzled in a mink fur and a diamond tiara made for her Hanoverian ancestor King George IV in 2007 as she left Parliament for the opening ceremony. PHOTO: TOBY MELVILLE, REUTERS The Queen's birthday parade at Whitehall Palace in 2012. Source: Hans-Peter Merten, High Quality Images Family portrait taken at Buckingham Palace in 2014, the Queen's family looks quite happy, with the breakdown of her children's marriage in 1992 and the death of Princess Diana 5 years later, it doesn't seem to give her leaving irreparable pain. PHOTO: FACUNDO ARRIZABIALANGA, EPA Queen Elizabeth sits at a table in Room 1844 at Buckingham Palace after recording her Christmas Day broadcast. PHOTO: JOHN STILLWELL, POOL PHOTO/AP The Queen at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Credit: Jose Antonio Moreno castellano, high quality image The Queen appears on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with other members of the royal family as Prince William kisses his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Credit: Peter Barritt, High Quality Images


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