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A strange "civet cat" was found in Huizhou, Guangdong. It has a pointed mouth and a big tail. It can steal chickens and help people catch mice

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A strange "civet cat" was found in Huizhou, Guangdong. It has a pointed mouth and a big tail. It can steal chickens and help people catch mice

It is a very common thing for wild animals to break into human homes. With the improvement of the ecological environment, the types and numbers of animals have increased. In the past, "extraordinary beasts" that were difficult to see in the mountains and forests are now in the areas of human activities. Not uncommon. Recently, a resident of Boluo County, Huizhou, Guangdong found a strange "civet cat" in their house. I saw it poking out its brain, looking like a tabby cat, with a base color of yellow-brown hair, black spots all over it, fangs and sharp claws. However, unlike the common cat image, this "civet cat" has a relatively long and narrow face, with a protruding snout and a pair of pointed-mouthed monkey cheeks. It has huge eyes and a surprisingly long, sturdy tail with black ringed markings. In terms of appearance, this is not an ordinary tabby cat. It gives people the intuition that it is a national protected animal, so the residents contacted relevant departments such as forestry and asked them to rescue and dispose of this strange "civet cat". After the staff arrived, the "civet cat" met people's eyes. Although it looked frightened, it did not act too aggressively or flee. After identification, it was confirmed that this is a national second-class protected animal, the scientific name is spotted civet, also known as spotted civet, spotted civet. The reason why it came to the residents' homes is that it was guessed that it made a mistake in order to catch mice. After that, people captured him, and after inspection, they found that he was not injured, and his mental state and physical fitness were relatively good, so he took him to the Shuidongpi Mountain Forest for release.

Spotted wood raccoon looks like a cat, the biggest feature is a big tail

From the appearance, the spotted wood raccoon looks like a cat. They look more like cats, and they are widely distributed in our country. Therefore, even if people see them in the wild, most of them think they are some kind of stray cats and are ignored. But unlike common cats, the spotted civet has a pointed mouth and an unusually thick tail, which even accounts for 80%-90% of its body length. Such a thick tail is helpful for the spotted wood raccoon to maintain its balance during the climbing process, and at the same time obtain a strong ability to move on trees. Like most small cats and civet cats, they are very good at climbing trees and spend most of their day in trees. In many articles, because the author does not have a comprehensive understanding of the spotted civet and civet animals, he usually has a half-knowledge, and will equate the spotted civet with the small civet. In fact, they are two different animals. List of key protected wild animals. Among the second-level protected animals, there are the names of spotted civet cats and small civet cats, indicating that they are not the same species at all, so don't confuse them. Civet animals basically have scent glands, but the spotted civet does not have this feature. In the past, the spotted civet was indeed classified as part of the civet family, but with the advancement of taxonomy, people thought that they had a separate family, and finally confirmed the new classification of the civet family, which is related to the cat family and the civet family. Equivalent to belong to the cat-type superfamily.

Likes to stay in tree holes, and can give birth to 2 cubs in one litter

The spotted civet likes to live in the forest at an altitude of less than 2700 meters. Moderate adaptability, able to survive in human-disturbed forests or forest edges. They like to stay in tree holes, spending a large part of the day in tree holes, and only come out to feed in the evening. The spotted wood raccoon is fast and agile. It can catch squirrels, flying squirrels and other animals on the tree, and it can also dig out bird eggs and sneak up on birds sleeping on branches. In addition, in addition to foraging in trees, they also like to run to the ground to find food. Eat some small animals such as frogs, lizards, insects, etc. The spotted forest raccoon is very dependent on tree cavities, especially during the breeding period, it cannot be separated from tree cavities. There are two relatively obvious breeding seasons for the spotted wood raccoon, which are February and August, so they can give birth to up to 2 litter a year, and one litter can have 2 cubs. Their reproductive ability is still quite strong, which is better than the average Cats are much stronger. The newly born cubs are very fragile, only about 40 grams. They will be hidden in the tree holes by the mother for a long time. After weaning and having a certain ability to go out, the mother of the spotted raccoon will try to bring it with them. The cubs travel out of the burrows and then teach them some survival skills.

Spotted wood raccoon will steal chickens to eat, and will also go to the village to help catch mice

Although the spotted wood raccoon has a mixed diet, it will eat some small animals and also eat Berries, but in general, carnivorous food occupies the mainstream, and among many small animals, small rodents occupy the largest proportion. The spotted civet has a strong inhibitory ability to the rodents in the forest, and is similar to the ecological niche of small cats. We all know that small predators such as weasels and ocelots sneak into villages to steal poultry such as chickens and ducks, but did you know that? The spotted forest raccoon is also a member of nature that steals chickens for food. The linden raccoon living near Linyuan Village also sneaks into the villagers' chicken coops and steals poultry by taking advantage of the night. Another interesting aspect of the spotted forest raccoon is that it sometimes helps humans eliminate rats. The villages where human beings live is often the hardest hit by rats due to the abundance of grains and grains. Many times in summer, snakes enter the house frequently. One of the reasons is that snakes are attracted by the rats in the village and come to prey. Spotted forest raccoons are also easily attracted by the abundance of mice in the village. They will come at night to prey on these mice and help people control rodent infestations, replacing the role of cats to a certain extent. In addition, compared to the pampered domestic cats now, the spotted civet's ability to catch mice is several grades stronger. Although the linden raccoon is widely distributed in my country and has been recorded in many southern provinces, their numbers are not many, and it can even be said that they are relatively rare. The main factor affecting their survival is the destruction of their habitat, which is greatly reduced. In addition, poaching also has a certain impact on its population development. However, in recent years, due to the gradual improvement of the ecological environment, the phenomenon of poaching has become less and less, and the probability of sightings of the spotted wood raccoon has gradually increased. For example, recently in Fogang County, Qingyuan, Guangdong, and Shuangpai County, Yongzhou, Hunan, people have rescued wild linden foxes. Follow me and make a friend who understands animals.


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