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A 1-year-old child was taken away by a tiger and his mother was attacked. Why would a normal tiger turn into a man-eating tiger?

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A 1-year-old child was taken away by a tiger and his mother was attacked. Why would a normal tiger turn into a man-eating tiger?

Tigers are a very terrifying beast. The reason why my country hunted tigers on a large scale in the 1950s and 1960s was mainly because they frequently preyed on livestock and wounded people. Recently, a scary thing happened in India, that is, a local tiger sneaked into the human activity area, intending to prey on human beings, causing serious injuries to a mother and child. Fortunately, in the end, with the shouts of many villagers holding sticks, the tiger stopped attacking and fled back to the mountain. The incident happened in a village near the Bandevgarh Lion Conservation Park in India, when a mother was walking near her home with her one-year-old son. Suddenly, a tiger rushed out and bit the child in its mouth. Its huge canine teeth had pierced deeply into the child's head, intending to take it away. As the saying goes, "Women are weak, and mothers are strong." Facing the ferocious tiger, the 25-year-old mother didn't have time to think too much, and rushed up to break the tiger's mouth, intending to break it open to rescue her son. The tiger was also provoked by the mother's actions, so it let go of its mouth, threw the child down, and turned to attack the mother frantically. A weak woman was a tiger's opponent. When she thought she was powerless to return to the sky, fortunately, the surrounding villagers heard the movement, so they rushed over to support her with sticks in hand. The tiger was frightened when he saw so many people coming, so he decisively stopped the attack and hurriedly fled to the mountain. The mother and son were saved.

Indian tiger survival status

my country has the largest number of tiger species, and there are 4 existing species, namely South China tiger, Siberian tiger, Bengal tigers and Indochinese tigers, but you know what? In terms of numbers, then India comes first. Although India has only one type of tiger, the Bengal tiger, its wild population reached 2,967 in 2018, accounting for about 70% of the world's total, making it a "big tiger country". There are about 104 national parks in India, of which there are 50 tigers distributed in most states. So many tigers, in addition to living in protected areas, a large part of them also live outside protected areas. India has a deep affection for tigers, which can be seen in many things. For example, the annual allocation of funds for the protection of tigers is much more than that of Asian lions. Another example is when the "Tiger Queen" Ma Qili died, India held a grand funeral for her, and many people came to participate spontaneously. There is also the tiger king, Chagill, for whom a monument has also been erected. India is located in the South Asian subcontinent and has a mainly tropical monsoon climate. It is blocked by the Himalayas and cannot be reached by the Siberian cold current. The unique climate environment makes India rich in products and rich in wildlife resources, which are very suitable for the survival of tigers.

Why do normal tigers become man-eating tigers?

In the context of India, it is not uncommon for people to encounter tigers in their daily lives. However, we also know that the tiger is a relatively cautious animal. Although it feeds on medium and large animals, its diet list does not include humans. Experts and scholars also call the phenomenon of cannibalism in tigers as "pica", so how does an ordinary tiger transform into a cannibal tiger that eats humans? There is no shortage of research on man-eating tigers in the world. It is not the first time that tigers in India have attacked humans. According to the research on man-eating tigers, people have found that there are three reasons why they have changed from normal tigers to man-eating tigers.

The prey is reduced and the living space is reduced

Tigers are huge in size, which means that they have a large appetite and have great requirements for living space. Taking the South China tiger as an example, an adult South China tiger needs a forest of 70 square kilometers, and it also contains 300 antelopes, 200 sika deer, 150 wild boars, etc., to meet its survival needs. Once the prey is reduced, the tiger will tend to search for prey in a larger area. In the past, the main reason why South China tigers frequently injured people in my country was the shrinking of their habitats and the decline of wild prey resources. They had to start preying on livestock and attacking people.

Incapable of preying on wild prey, they turn to cannibals

Many people think that tigers that dare to go to areas where humans live and prey on humans are relatively fierce and strong individuals In fact, studies on man-eating tigers and man-eating lions have found that those who feed on humans are mostly old, weak, sick and disabled individuals. They are unable to hunt wild prey, and instead focus on slower-moving humans. Such as the most notorious Champawat man-eating tiger in history, which killed hundreds of people in its lifetime and was finally hunted in 1907. It was later discovered that the man-eating tiger had a very serious dental disease. The lower canines were broken and pierced into the bone, and the upper canines were also broken. In this case, it is impossible to hunt wild prey, there is no way, it can only feed on humans under the pressure of survival. There is also a Tsavo man-eating lion that killed 150 people. After being shot by people, it was made into a specimen and placed in a museum. In the 1990s, scientists found that these two lions also had serious dental diseases. There are also some man-eating tigers, who have no physical problems, but are relatively weak. When competing with the same kind, they are at a disadvantage, so they are driven to the edge of the territory. The edge of the tiger's territory is often also the edge of the human activity area. If the two sides have a certain intersection, it means that the probability of encountering will increase. The edge of the territory itself has few prey resources, and it is a weak individual with limited hunting ability. Coupled with the arrival of humans from time to time, tigers finally start to attack humans out of the instinct of beasts. After one or two times, the tiger who has tasted the sweetness finds that humans move slowly and prey more easily, so they become man-eating tigers.

Unfamiliar to familiar, increased danger

In some international studies on man-eating tigers, it was found that there are also healthy adults, such as Sundarbans' Mangroves are a place where man-eating tigers often appear. Scientists have found that the man-eating tigers here are not all vulnerable individuals. Why is this? After in-depth research, it was found that people here often enter the mangroves to work. The unfamiliarity of the tigers to people disappeared after coming and going here. Gradually, it was discovered that human beings are not scary at all except that they are taller, and they are even easier to catch than wild prey. According to the type of tiger attack, it can be divided into: passionate wounding and intentional wounding. It is well understood that passion hurts people when they come to an unfamiliar environment, or the surrounding environment makes them feel nervous and fearful, and thus become sensitive. Once further stimulated, it is easy to trigger a stress response and cause harm to people. . Deliberately hurting people means that they have taken human beings as their food in terms of subjective will. Those who actively attack humans like man-eating tigers and man-eating lions are intentionally hurting people. What we need to be more vigilant about is deliberately hurting people. I believe that everyone has seen the story of "The Donkey of Guizhou". From unfamiliar to familiar, the risk factor of tigers has skyrocketed. In some areas in northeastern my country, people can occasionally see Siberian tigers on the roadside. Whenever they see this kind of news, they will advise everyone not to stop, take pictures, let alone make fun of them and show their humor, just because they are afraid of tigers. People are getting more and more familiar. It is necessary to retain the strangeness, which causes the beast to shy away from the human. Follow me and make a friend who understands animals.


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