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In 2017, a man in Henan found a ominous bird that was worth more than 6 million. Expert: Fortunately, you did not release it

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In 2017, a man in Henan found a ominous bird that was worth more than 6 million. Expert: Fortunately, you did not release it

Big bird found in garlic field

One morning in June 2017, Brother Yan, a villager from Yanjia Village, Zhengzhou, Henan came to his garlic field as usual , ready to go to work. However, I found that the garlic seedlings that were growing very well had collapsed inexplicably. Could it be that there are still people stealing garlic? This is too immoral. Brother Yan approached the garlic field, opened the garlic sprouts, and was surprised. I saw a big bird emerging from the garlic field, flapping its wings hard, but unable to fly. The bird is larger than the common pigeon, but has a long wingspan, a thick layer of feathers on its chest, and a less pronounced black line below the corners of its eyes. His eyes were piercing, and he looked very handsome. Big Brother Yan tried to get close, and was about to drive the bird out, but unexpectedly aroused its ferocity, flapping its wings continuously, and at the same time trying to attack Big Brother Yan with his beak and claws. Although its beak is short and curved, it is very powerful, and its pair of hook-like claws are unusually sharp. Big Brother Yan saw that the situation was not going well, so he retreated again and again, dodging the big bird's attack. Seeing him back away, Big Bird lay back on the ground again, without any intention of flying away. I can't just leave this big bird like this. Brother Yan thought about it and decided to try it again. Taking advantage of the bird's inattention, he strode forward and grabbed the bird's wings with both hands. Frightened, Big Bird struggled, leaving a few scratches on Big Brother Yan. Big Brother Yan endured the pain and hugged Big Bird in his arms, limiting its strength. Seeing that this human doesn't seem to have any intention of hurting himself, the big bird slowly quieted down. Brother Yan brought the big bird back to the village in this way, attracting the attention of all the villagers at the head of the village. Everyone came to watch the fun and pointed at the big bird, but they didn't say why. Some people suggested to cook it, some people suggested to sell it, and some people said it looked like an eagle. It should be to protect animals, so it is better to persuade Big Brother Yan to let it go. In fact, why didn't Big Brother Yan want to release it? But the big bird can't fly at all now.

The identity of the big bird is revealed

There is no other way. Brother Yan can only take the bird home first, and then call the Forestry Bureau for help. Soon people from the Forestry Bureau came to the door, put on gloves and began to examine the big bird. It was found that although the big bird had no wounds on its body, it was sluggish and might be sick. Brother Yan asked them what the identity of this strange bird was, but the staff couldn't answer, but they could only answer that this animal should be rare in Henan, or even not a local wild animal. However, the staff also saw some clues. The eyes of this big bird are relatively dark, and the iris and pupil are almost integrated. The wings are relatively long and sharp, suitable for sprinting. It should not be an eagle but a falcon. In order to find out why the big bird could not fly, and also to investigate its identity, the staff of the Forestry Bureau decided to bring the big bird back to the Forestry Bureau for further inspection. Seeing the big bird being taken away by the Forestry Bureau, Big Brother Yan felt a little bit of reluctance, but he also knew that doing so was the best for the big bird. After the big bird was taken to the Forestry Bureau, the staff first fed it some water and fresh meat, but the bird simply drank some water and then ate a small amount of fresh meat. The staff could only send a message to the Zhengzhou Wildlife Rescue Station first. Dong Chaowei, the head of the rescue station, quickly replied to the message: "This bird should be a 'Falcon', and the fluff on its head has not faded, indicating that it is still a young bird under one year old." Considering the forestry industry The bureau has no experience in rescuing safrel. That afternoon, the staff sent the saker to the rescue station. After careful inspection, everyone found that the stalker's claws were slightly scratched, and there were two wings on the right. The flight feathers were broken, but it was really unable to fly because of severe gastroenteritis. This disease can make birds lose their appetite, lose their energy, and in severe cases, they may be unable to fly like this falcon. Once there was a Yan Falcon, because of gastroenteritis, it was actually reduced to the end of being bullied by six or seven magpies.

Why can't it be released at will?

Dong Chaowei guessed that this sable falcon was probably caught and reared illegally and escaped recently. Because the falcon is a first-class protected animal in my country, it is mainly distributed in grasslands and hilly areas such as Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, and Tibet in China. Because this little hunting falcon had poor hunting ability in the wild and was ill, it fell into the garlic field. Fortunately, it met a kind-hearted person like Big Brother Yan. Fortunately, Big Brother Yan did not release it at will. The forestry department asked for help, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous. After all, the falcon does not live in Henan, and suffers from severe gastroenteritis. It may not only be attacked by wild cats, wild dogs or other large raptors, but may even fall into the hands of criminals. Moreover, even if this falcon is restored to health, it is a ferocious animal by nature and likes to prey on various small and medium-sized birds and hares and other animals, which may affect the local ecological balance. The rescue station vacated a room for the little falcon and treated it, ready to find a suitable place to be released to nature after it recovers. And Big Brother Yan also received a pennant, and Big Brother Yan, who learned the true identity of the falcon, was also very fortunate. At this moment, someone suddenly joked to Big Brother Yan, "Oh, old Yan, you missed five million!"

Falcons worth five million

A bird is worth five million, what is going on? Falcons have excellent hunting ability and are good at diving. The sprint speed can reach 270 to 360 km/h. The sharp claws behind the prey can easily penetrate the body of the prey to complete the hunt. And their temperament is ferocious. On the Mongolian grasslands, they are often seen attacking and driving away large raptors such as golden eagles. In addition to the fact that the falcon drives out other birds, the falcon is also easy to be domesticated. In history, hunters often domesticated the falcon and used it for hunting. Some people have praised them as "flying like arrows and diving like electricity", and they are one of the best flight hunters. In 2012, the falcon also became the national bird of Mongolia and announced a ban on the export of falcons for five years. In the Arab countries, the rare animal, the falcon, is also regarded as a symbol of fashion, status and wealth by the local tyrants. Even the falcon has an exclusive passport and an exclusive hospital in the UAE, and many people will domesticate more than one falcon. , the demand is very large. There are not many other local tyrants in the Middle East, that is, they have more money, and the huge demand for falcons has spawned a black industrial chain. In just a few short years, the safari has changed from a prosperous species to an endangered species, and people continue to take risks and want to smuggle the safari. The million-dollar Altai falcon in the movie "No Man's Land" is actually a subspecies of the saker. The price of a wild falcon can reach tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars abroad. In the United Arab Emirates, there is even a falcon beauty pageant. The price of a good falcon can even reach 1 million US dollars, which is equivalent to more than 6 million yuan in RMB. The falcon may be the most expensive wild bird in the world. Domesticated falcons and my country, as one of the main habitats for falcons, have naturally had cases of smuggling of falcons, and because of poor transportation conditions, the mortality rate of these smuggled falcons is extremely high, and there have been cases in Beijing. At one time, 11 saker falcons were seized at the airport customs, and 10 of them died due to lack of oxygen. Since then, our country has also strengthened the protection of saker falcons to prevent them from falling into the hands of poachers, and severely cracked down on smuggling activities. Once caught smuggling safrel falcons, they may face fixed-term imprisonment of more than ten years, or even the death penalty. References "Species with Rapidly Declining Numbers - The Sable Falcon" Ma Ming "Precious and Endangered Animals - The Falcon" Wei Ming "The Falcon"

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