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Mufasa vs Sheri Khan, who will have the last laugh when a kind wise master meets a cruel tyrant?

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Mufasa vs Sheri Khan, who will have the last laugh when a kind wise master meets a cruel tyrant?

Mufasa vs Sheri Khan, one is the Barbary lion revered by all animals, and the other is the Bengal tiger feared by all beasts. If these two fictional beasts in the movie have a one-on-one hard anal, who will have the last laugh? ? In this issue, the Director of the Exploration Bureau will decrypt it for you.

1. Mufasa

Mufasa is the famous director Jon Favreau who directed the movie "The Lion King" in 2019 One of the characters, although the protagonist is its son, but everyone knows that its ability is no worse than its son. Mufasa is the king of the kingdom of glory, and under his leadership, the entire animal world is developing in an orderly manner according to the laws of nature. Let's take a look at what Mufasa looks like first. Mufasa has amber-gold fur, while its mouth, claws, and underbelly are beige. Its upper eye patch is darker than its main fur, the lower half is brighter, and its brows are thick and dark, giving it the look of a king no matter how you look at it. Mufasa has a thick crimson mane that extends down to its mid-thorax, and the tip of its tail matches its color. In general, Mufasa's appearance is very similar to that of a modern lion, giving people a noble and powerful temperament. By character, it is a benevolent ruler who can sacrifice himself for the sake of peace. Therefore, many people think that it may lack some blood and murderousness. But if you think so, you are dead wrong. Because as long as you use your brain a little, you know that being a king must have its advantages; and the reason why Mufasa is respected by all animals is because he is a king with both strength and wisdom. So, during its reign, the Kingdom of Glory is prosperous and everything is prosperous. In this movie, Mufasa's combat power should be directly demonstrated by its performance of repelling dozens of hyenas when saving his son Simba. We all know the fighting power of the second brother in Africa. A male lion has the ability to single out 10 hyenas, but to kill a group of dozens of hyenas, it requires very strong strength. At the same time, Mufasa's younger brother, Scar, is also a one-in-a-million warrior, but he still does not dare to challenge his brother, which shows that Mufasa's combat effectiveness is not what ordinary people can imagine.

2. Shelley Khan

Shelley Khan is also a character directed by Jon Favreau, and is a classic in the movie "Fantasy Forest" villain. Sheri Khan was a mighty Bengal tiger who was considered suave and charming; but as the most ferocious predator in the jungle, people were deeply feared. It has such a reputation that it can intimidate its victims simply by showing itself. Sheri Khan was also notorious for being hostile to humans due to his fear of guns and fire. Therefore, it vows to kill any human who steps into the jungle. In this role, Shelley Khan buried the hatred in his heart with burn scars and a blind eye on the left side of his face from a fight with Mowgli's father. Idris Elba described Sher Khan's figure as "a creature full of fear" and that it "terrifies everyone it encounters because it comes from a place of fear". As a child, Sheri Khan had many friends, but his ego and arrogance sometimes led to his friends having to stay away from him. As a tiger, Sheri Khan is the physical embodiment of power, with graceful poise. Dignified in manner, with a strong sense of imperial pride and grace, it is also regarded as the king of beasts in the Indian jungle. It's well aware of that reputation and maintains it with sadistic pleasure to get the most out of it. Most bush dwellers are afraid of Sheri Khan for obvious reasons: he is physically strong and arguably the strongest predator in the jungle; his charisma and stoic expression belies an unpredictable ferocious personality, and a touch of temper. Its sharp teeth and claws are unmatched in combat. It speaks quite politely, even to potential victims, in a soft tone, though it chimes in with subtle condescending comments. Sheri Khan is the most formidable animal in the jungle, and can easily defeat a pack of wolves, a brown bear, and a black panther. So, can it beat Mufasa? Let's look down.

3. The ultimate battle

After the above analysis, it is time to fight. Mufasa singled out Sheri Khan, who is more powerful? To be honest, both have remarkably similar characteristics in the same director's script, they are both very powerful beasts, but in the end they both sacrificed. However, in the details, there are many differences between the two. As we can see from the movie, both are top of the line in terms of stamina and strength, but I think Shelly Khan is slightly stronger than Mufasa. Mufasa is a very strong and brave warrior, and I think if the two face each other, they will not be intimidated by Sheri Khan's power. And any animal that is not crushed in terms of strength and size may turn out to be biased in one direction at any time. Mufasa and Sheri Khan are both such killers, both equally powerful and capable of killing each other in battle. Sheri Khan is undoubtedly the ceiling of the tiger's fighting power, and Mufasa is also the symbol of the most lion's dominance. But we cannot ignore the main difference between the two, which is their ethical orientation. Sheri Khan is powerful, but he is an evil and selfish tiger, he never considers the sorrow and happiness of others, all his decisions are selfish and only for his own benefit. At the same time, it is also very arrogant and hypocritical, thinking that it is the king of beasts, so it kills others recklessly, and is disgusted and hated by all animals in the jungle. But on the other hand, Mufasa is just the opposite, all its actions are for the benefit of others. He was a very kind and respected king, and a patient and warm father. It puts other animals in the kingdom of glory above itself, and its good dedication and positive leadership make all animals convince. In the end, it sacrificed his own life for his son, perfectly interpreting the great fatherly love. The above are the contents of the two films. After all, the two have not really met, and it is difficult for us to say who wins and who loses. If Sheri Khan wins, he will win only for himself; and if Mufasa wins, he must win for all animals. We have reason to believe in the establishment of ethics, and we must also believe that justice will triumph over evil. So, in the end, the director concluded that Mufasa would have a 55% chance of defeating Sheri Khan because of his strength, courage, and positive dedication. Do you agree with the Secretary's analysis and conclusions? Welcome to express your opinion in the comment area.


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