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The 6 stray dogs rescued by the guy are uglier than the other: can they still be adopted?

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The 6 stray dogs rescued by the guy are uglier than the other: can they still be adopted?

It is very important for animals to have a good-looking skin, especially stray animals. A good appearance can be a big plus for them to find a home again. After all, many people pay attention to the appearance of their pets, which is one of the reasons why they would rather spend money on pets than adopt them for free. The guy in the following story encountered such a trouble. None of the 6 stray animals he rescued looked good, which made adoption a lot more difficult. One is uglier than the other, and it is difficult to find adoption. The story happened in Liaoning Province. The young man has been helping various stray animals all year round, resulting in more than 50 cats and several dogs in his family. When the other stray fur children could no longer be accommodated at home, he did not forget to rescue them and often fed some stray cats and dogs on the roadside. Over time, another 6 stray dogs became familiar with him. Every time he appeared, the furry children followed him from front to back. Several times, they almost didn't get rid of him, and went home with him. Cats are different from dogs. Some cats are used to being free, but once dogs get to know you, they want to find a home. The guy understands that these 6 dogs also want to go home with him. In fact, the guy wanted to adopt them for a long time, but when he saw their appearance, he was troubled and fell into melancholy, because these 6 dogs are indescribable, and one is uglier than the other. Generally good-looking stray dogs do not need to be adopted, and someone will naturally bring them home. But these 6 dogs are undoubtedly the ones that have been chosen by others. How ugly is it? The guy named them big ugly, two ugly, three ugly, four ugly, five ugly and six ugly, and his own dog was called Mao Mao. Veterinarian Xiao Ming guessed that Mao Mao was much better looking than the "six ugly", otherwise it should be called seven ugly. Besides, these 6 dogs are either bald or knotted, and one dog is even more outrageous, with small eyes almost invisible. Ahem, comparable to a certain star in the entertainment industry. But fortunately, these little guys have very good personalities. As soon as they are called, their tails will keep wagging. Although they are just stray dogs, they are all optimistic. The guy also thought about it, if it really doesn't work, he will keep them in his own warehouse. The little dog is the cutest. Later, after the guy shared the videos of these dogs on the Internet, it also attracted the attention of many netizens. Some netizens said that in the middle of the night, after seeing these "ugly dogs", they were all laughed, and they were really ugly. But some people think that these are small dogs, our pastoral dogs, the cutest, and expressed their willingness to adopt them back. In fact, Xiao Ming, a veterinarian, thinks that the appearance of pets is not that important. Just like people, they will grow old one day. As long as they can accompany us and bring us happiness, it will be fine. Don't we keep dogs because they are loyal and can accompany us? Message: Maybe our little dogs do not meet the aesthetics of modern people, but you can't deny that they do have a lot of shining points. In addition, people who really like dogs don't care about their appearance and quality. For people who really love dogs, as long as they have a good personality, that's enough. If you care about your dog's appearance, then you should also consider whether you really like dogs or just follow the trend. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.

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