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The "magical phenomenon" discovered after raising a dog, I hope you are not the last to know

Time:2023-03-27 07:44:03 author:Mammal Read:278次
The "magical phenomenon" discovered after raising a dog, I hope you are not the last to know

More and more people are joining the dog army now, because dog ownership is so much fun! And in the process of raising a dog, you can always find some surprising things, I hope you are not the last to know! 01 After raising a dog, I found that the topic I talked about always revolved around my own dog, who I caught and who Amway, like a crazy "dog chasing fan". 02 I am always impressed with the dogs I have seen. Even if I have only seen them once, I can describe them smoothly and smoothly. I always have a very good memory for dogs. 03 After raising a dog, I found out that the dog's fart is really loud and stinky, until a little white bear gave it a fart and it collapsed. I really believed it. I didn't know what kind of biochemical weapon was put on it! 04 After raising a dog, I found that the dog really likes to roll in the quagmire. He can't stop the car at all, so he plunges his head into it. He also likes to play in the small puddles encountered on the road. I dare to ask that dog teacher, do you like to play in the water? Pit, why don't you want to take a shower? 05 After raising a dog, I realized that the dog is also a "dog who practice martial arts", only you can't think of it, and there is no sleeping position that it can't show. 06 And after raising a dog, I found out that the kennel is just a decoration. It can sleep anywhere, but it doesn't sleep in the kennel. It is probably the kennel that prevents it from doing its best. 07 Dogs will also watch people eat dishes. They are "scheming dogs" and will only listen to the people who they think have the highest status in the family. 08 She is still a showman. She secretly does what she doesn't want to do, gets caught on the spot, and pretends to be passing by. She doesn't do anything. Is it a failure to report her to the acting class? 09 After raising a dog, I saw a video article about the dog getting old and leaving, my eyes were like a brick, and my heart was sore. 10 Dogs are good at pretending to be deaf. For things they don’t like to do, even if you talk to them in front of them, they will pretend they can’t hear or understand them. Immediately appear in front of you. The dog is a natural greedy dog ​​and likes to eat snacks, so when the owner wants it to be obedient, he can use snacks to induce training. It is best to use high-quality snacks. 11 After having a dog, there is often "local snowfall" in the house, and dog hair can be found even in the hidden corners of the house, especially in the shedding season, it is too little to sweep three times a day. In the face of a dog that sheds a lot of hair, we can only accept it with a smile. Who let us choose the baby. However, you can start from the diet to reduce the amount of hair loss of your dog. It is recommended to choose a dog food that promotes hair growth and can be beautiful. Conclusion: Do you know all the above "magical phenomena"? What other miracles do you know? Welcome to share!


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