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Does the dog hate you if you don't let it touch you? not that simple

Time:2022-11-27 08:49:09 author:Birds Read:425次
Does the dog hate you if you don't let it touch you? not that simple

I don't know if the pet owner has encountered such a situation, wants to touch the dog, but the dog does not allow it or is resistant? Is it because I hate you? It's not that simple! Let's take a look at what it might be thinking when it is not allowed to touch. =I'm still a little shy =Not all dogs are very cheerful and lively, some dogs may not like to be too close to people, and when they are not familiar with you, they will not let you touch them easily, probably A little shy. = You won't hurt me = Some dogs are not easily touched, maybe because they have been hurt before, they have psychological shadows, they will maintain a high level of vigilance, and always be prepared to protect themselves, so they don't want to let them people touch. = Don't touch this, it hurts = If some dogs are injured or ill, they will not let their owners touch them out of their own protection. Help him check his body to see if there are any wounds or bloodstains, which should be treated in time. = Your massage technique is not good = If you touch the dog in the wrong way, it will not feel comfortable but uncomfortable, and it will naturally not want you to touch it. Especially when you still want to touch its sensitive parts, it will not agree. So some dogs will like to be held, but not to be petted. = Who doesn't have a little temper anymore = Some dogs suddenly don't let you touch it, it may be that it is angry, and it is losing a little temper. It may be that you accidentally provoked it and made it sad. It's not difficult to coax a dog well, as long as you give this snacker some delicious snacks, it can be the best with you. Editor’s time: As the saying goes, sucking cats and dogs is the two great pleasures in the world. If you want your dog to be more willing to touch you, in addition to mastering the skills of petting the dog, let the dog like to be touched. You can also have a good relationship with it, play with it more, let it treat you as an important person, and let it be willing to take the initiative to let you touch it. If you want to better "buy" the dog, you might as well start with diet. , Who let the dog love to eat it by nature. Choose a palatable and high-quality dog ​​food for it, so that the dog loves to eat it, and it will also make it more like you who provide it with food. Conclusion: Is your dog a puppy that can be stroked casually?

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