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The secret of the dog's "stretching", only people who have raised dogs for more than five years understand

Time:2023-03-20 20:14:21 author:Mammal Read:908次
The secret of the dog's "stretching", only people who have raised dogs for more than five years understand

If you are a dog owner, you must have seen the dog "stretching"! But many shit shoveling officers didn't take it seriously, and felt that this action was no big deal. But in fact, there is a secret to the "stretching" of dogs. Most people really can't see it. Only people who have raised dogs for more than five years understand it!

1. Expressing trust

Dog repair: "I am always the most relaxed in front of you, master, I have a lot of love for you. 100% trust!" Dogs have always been very vigilant and won't show their vulnerable parts to others at will, but if your dog frequently stretches at you. Leaving your back unreservedly proves that it has 100% trust in you! I believe you will not hurt it!

2. Just woke up

to repair the dog: "Ouch! If you sleep with a sore back, please stretch!" It will be found that when the dog just wakes up, it will also make the action of stretching. In fact, it is the same as we human beings stretch their waists. When the dog wakes up, it will be a little tired, and he wants to relax his muscles and bones by stretching and let himself wake up.

3. Surrender

to repair the dog: "Master, you are my god! You are my only brother! I will surrender to You!" In the dog world, stretching to each other means surrender, which is why many dogs stretch to each other when they lose a fight! So when your dog stretches towards you, it is showing submission to you, indicating that it has regarded you as a real owner.

4. Imitate

to repair the dog: "What are you doing? Why are you sticking your ass, I'm here too, it's quite comfortable This way!" The dog's curiosity is very strong, especially for the owner's words and deeds, curious about what the owner is doing every day, so when it sees the owner doing yoga. If you are curious, it will follow along, but the only action that can be learned is stretching.

5. Boring

Dog repairing: "Shut up, look at me, look at me, stretch and show you "Many dog ​​owners are office workers, busy with work and life every day, and really rarely have time to accompany their dogs! Dogs who are really bored will take the initiative to come to find the shit shovel officer, and will deliberately stretch their waists and raise their buttocks, in order to attract the shit shovel officer's attention and let the shit shovel officer play with it for a while. So when your dog frequently stretches you, just accompany him. If you really have no time, you can comfort him with some snacks and ease his mood!

6. Too full to eat

Repair the dog: "Oh, I'm a little stretched, what should I do, stretch out to relieve it!" Dogs are very gluttonous, they don't eat hungry, and they never have any restraint on what they eat. No matter how much the owner feeds, they can all be wiped out. But the consequences of this can only be sustained! It hurts his stomach, so dogs who feel uncomfortable will stretch their waists to relieve the discomfort of abdominal distension. Pet owners should not spoil their dogs too much, they can be rationed regularly. It is best to eat less and more meals. Don’t eat too much for the dog at one time, otherwise it will easily cause indigestion! In addition, when feeding your dog, you can choose some probiotic dog food, so as to help the dog digest and absorb better. Conclusion: Does your dog have the habit of "stretching"?


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