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Guangxi man encounters a strange little beast that barks like a cat and a dog

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Guangxi man encounters a strange little beast that barks like a cat and a dog

A strange little beast appeared in Guangxi

On August 27, a man in Hezhou, Guangxi went out with a camera to shoot the location, and suddenly a small beast appeared on the side of the road. beast. I saw that it was shaped like a dog, looked like a deer, had a black nose, raised ears, and a bit like rabbit ears. The gray-black hair had white markings on it, like a sika deer. It looked very cute. . This little beast was standing among the grass, and the man grabbed a handful of grass from the roadside and wanted to feed it, but it turned around and looked around, not intending to accept the man's kindness, and it sounded a bit like a cat and a bit like a baby dog bark. The man couldn't recognize what kind of creature it was, and wanted to reach out to touch it, but the little beast ducked as soon as it was short. The man couldn't help but sighed: "I really want to take it home and raise it, can I bring it back as a dog?" Netizens laughed when they saw the video: "I watch the punishment", "You better find out before raising, or it will come suddenly. I'm afraid you can't accept the collective life of the gang", "You raise it, the country raises you", "There is a pile of grass next to you, why do you think it is rare for the two in your hand?" But some netizens recognized this little beast at once. His true identity: "This is the cub of Huang Ji (jīng)." Huang Ji, whose scientific name is called red muntjac (jǐ), is a protected wild animal in my country. Of course, it cannot be brought home and raised without permission. The man also said that he just took a video and did not take the yellow cub home. Judging from the video, this Huang Xiu screamed and refused to be touched and fed. It looked very frightened. Huang Xiu was very timid. When he was too frightened, he would even dare not move. This may be because he did not escape. reason. Netizens also pointed out a mistake the man made in the video: trying to stroke the yellow cub with his hands. First, this behavior may be considered a precursor to aggression, causing some wild animals to develop a stress response to attack. Even animals that seem harmless to humans and animals are the same. You never know how these animals will attack. For example, the yellow cub that appeared in the video, although it has no horns, the upper canine teeth of the yellow cub are actually very long. They use the main tools for self-protection. If it is an adult male yellow claw, the upper canine teeth can grow to 5 cm, like a small sharp dagger, which can easily scratch human skin. Some people have seen Huang chow using the upper canine teeth. Slashed a dog's front legs. Huang's teeth are second. Smell is an important way for many animals to identify their own children. They have a very sensitive sense of smell. When these cubs are exposed to unfamiliar smells, these animals may not recognize their own cubs. throw them away. Some animals even take these odors as danger signals, and then actively kill the cubs. For example, some mother cats will kill kittens that have unfamiliar smells.

Cowardly like a mouse, they will go on a hunger strike after being caught

The puppies of Huang Xiu look about the size of a dog, and their adults are not large, average It weighs about 20 to 30 kilograms and is only more than 1 meter long. It also makes a sound like a dog barking, so it is also called a barking deer. When many people see Huang Qi for the first time, they will regard it as a deer cub. In particular, the cub of Huang Qi has white markings on its body, which always makes people suspect that it is actually the cub of a sika deer. However, when the yellow scorpion grows to two months old, these markings will disappear due to molting. The adult yellow scorpion is reddish-brown in color, dark brown in winter, and pure white on the inside of the buttocks and under the tail. When they are frightened, they will raise their tails, revealing the white fur below as a warning, then bow their heads and run away quickly by jumping. The speed of escaping is not slow. It is said that someone once alerted a yellow scorpion while hunting, and as a result, it slipped into the woods. If you want to catch Huang scorpion, you have to have a few hunters and a dozen hounds to chase after them. Huang Qi has many natural enemies, and basically any medium and large animal can prey on them. Therefore, they have also developed a vigilant and timid character, and also have a sensitive hearing. Those big ears like radar are proof. Timid as a mouse, they are described as yellow scorpions. They usually find a sheltered place to rest during the day, and do not go out until dawn and dusk. Even a sudden bird call nearby will make them immediately alert and prepare to escape. . Because of this startling personality, he was called "Huang Jing" by people. If he was successfully attacked by a predator, and he was injured and bloodied, Huang Xian might be too frightened to move, and finally be easily hunted down. And even if it is captured alive, it will be afraid, refuse to eat and drink, and finally die of hunger strike.

Special glands on the forehead and the corners of the eyes

There are some differences between the yellow scorpion and deer animals. The most conspicuous is its horns. Take the sika deer as an example. Their horns are huge, like curved sides, and there are 4 forks. But Huang Xiu is different. Its horns grow toward the back of the head, and it will bend backwards, and the top will become sharper. Huang's skull deer can distinguish male and female by whether they have long horns, and Huang's also has a way to distinguish males and females, that is, their faces. The male's face has a black pattern shaped like a capital letter "Y" from the nose to the corners, while the female's has a shield-shaped black spot on the forehead. If you look closely, you will find that there is a V-shaped gap on the forehead of the male yellow scorpion. Of course, this is not a wound, but their frontal glands. There is also an open infraorbital gland in the lower corner of their eyes. Sometimes Huang Xiu will stick out his long tongue to lick his eyes to clean. There is a V-shaped gap on the forehead. Of course, these two glands also have their own uses, that is, they are used to divide the territory. Although Huang Xun is very timid, they are solitaryists and have a strong sense of territory. Huang Qi will use the glands on his forehead and the corners of his eyes to divide the territory. They will walk with their heads lowered to the level of the forehead and the ground, and then open these two glands, smear the secretions, and then discharge a few drops of urine or A few dung pellets are used to divide the territory in this way. After being chased and fleeing, no matter how far it runs, it will run back to its original area of ​​activity. The territory of a male Huang Xi is about 10,000 square meters, that is, more than one hectare. Only female Huang Xi is allowed to enter. If a male steps in, there will be a war between the two sides. The always timid Huang Xun only appeared brave and fearless at this time. In the battle between them, in addition to using the sharp horns on their heads, they would also use their own 5 cm long fangs to attack. A victorious yellow can occupy the territory of one or two females and form a big family with them. However, except for the females who will bring their own cubs, they usually still move separately. This solitary and territorial awareness may be to prevent Evolved by being swept away by predators. They are animals that can be in heat all year round. Females can give birth to a cub 7 months after pregnancy, and they can mate again two or three days after giving birth, so they spread very quickly. In my country They can be seen in many southern provinces of China, and they are not at risk of being endangered.

The mammals with the fewest chromosomes in the world

There is another interesting point about Huang Xi, that is, their chromosomes. They are the mammals with the lowest number of chromosomes known to humans in the world, less than the eight chromosomes of the fruit fly, and the number of chromosomes in females and males is different. Males have 7 chromosomes and females have only 6, but their chromosomes are very long. Therefore, there is a saying that the chromosomes of the yellow scorpion were in the process of evolution, and the ends fused with each other and gradually passed down, forming the special chromosome structure of today's yellow scorpion. What's more interesting is that they have a close relative named Xiaoji, and the two species are highly similar in appearance. Even Huang Qi has an individual name of Xiaoji, which makes it difficult to tell them apart. However, there are huge differences in the number of chromosomes between them. The number of chromosomes in the muntjac is 46. But after experiments, the two of them can successfully crossbreed to produce offspring. The peculiar chromosomes of Huang Xi have provided more perspectives for human beings in terms of genes and genetics, and it is not difficult to understand why it was included in the national three protected animals. Reference materials "Xiaoji: A deer that barks like a dog" Li Jian "An animal that resembles a deer but not a deer - deer" "Red deer: The mammal with the fewest chromosomes"


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