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The mother dog is reluctant to eat the meat, so she takes it out and puts it in the cub's bowl: Mom doesn't like it, you can eat it

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The mother dog is reluctant to eat the meat, so she takes it out and puts it in the cub's bowl: Mom doesn't like it, you can eat it

There is a kind of love in the world called "Mom doesn't like to eat, you can eat it!" Maternal love is selfless. Every mother gives everything to raise her own children. However, this kind of love is not limited to human beings. Many times, The love between animals is also touching and purer. For example, the dog mother in the following story is really distressing. The dog mother found "a piece of meat" in the rice bowl. Uncle likes dogs very much. He has several Chinese pastoral dogs at home. Although they are all inconspicuous little dogs, they are all loyal and cute, and their personalities are not inferior to those of those breeds. dog. Some time ago, the big yellow dog in the family gave birth to a cub, which consumed a lot of energy. The uncle always remembers this, so occasionally he will cook a small stove for the big yellow meal, which is slightly better. On this day, he prepared meals for the big yellow dog and its children, but he kept a "careful eye". In order to make up for the big yellow dog, the uncle specially added some meat to the mother dog's bowl. Just when the uncle watched the big yellow dog eat with the puppy, a touching scene happened, which directly touched his heart. "Mom doesn't like it, you can eat it." When the mother dog was eating, she soon found the meat hidden by the uncle in the meal. She thought it would swallow it naturally, but it didn't. After it bit the meat into its mouth, it didn't chew, but walked towards the cub, put the meat directly in the cub's bowl, and looked at it deeply, as if saying: "Mom doesn't like it, you can eat it!" The mother dog's tongue has been licking her lips, obviously it wants to eat more than anyone else. But it finally restrained itself and watched the child eat the meat before leaving. The uncle who loves mothers regardless of species was really moved when he saw this video. He knew that the big yellow dog was usually very sensible and listened to his own words. The only piece of meat in the bowl was given to his child without hesitation. Therefore, maternal love really does not distinguish between species. Although it is just a hook, it is also full of love for its own children, which is no less than us humans. Veterinarian Xiao Ming believes that whether it is a human or an animal, as long as she becomes a mother, she will take care of her children in every possible way, and will always leave the best to her children. Mothers are the greatest. Message: Although dogs can’t speak, they actually understand everything. They will cherish the kindness of their owners to them, they will love their children, and dogs also have affection! Therefore, as owners, since we choose to keep dogs, we should take responsibility for them, cherish the days when they are around, and spend more time with dogs. If there is a bitch at home who has just given birth to a puppy, you can add more nutrition to the mother dog. Remember not to touch the puppy too much to avoid the incident of the mother dog protecting the puppy and hurting people. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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