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The young lady kindly fed the stray dog ​​buns, but she was disliked, and she was speechless: It hurts self-esteem too much

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The young lady kindly fed the stray dog ​​buns, but she was disliked, and she was speechless: It hurts self-esteem too much

Have you ever fed stray animals and been rejected by them? Normally, the food fed by humans is simply delicious to stray animals, and it is too late to eat in a hurry. But the little sister in the following story happened to meet a "strange" stray dog, and she didn't even taste the buns thrown at it, and even made an incomprehensible "action". Are you hungry? I'll give you some steamed buns. The city where Miss and Sister is located has recently been "disturbed" by the epidemic. She has been isolated at home for several days. In normal times, she would often feed the stray animals downstairs, but the sudden outbreak interrupted all of this. During the days of being banned, she was particularly worried about the stray animals outside, for fear that they would not be able to survive because they could not find food. These worries continued until the ban was lifted. This morning, after she bought breakfast, she ran into a stray dog, thinking that she would finally have a chance to feed these little guys. She first threw a piece of cake to the stray dog, but the dog just smelled it and left, and seemed to have no interest. Seeing that the stray dog ​​is still a "picky eater", the young lady tore up some bun skins and threw it to him, thinking that the buns should be eaten, right? But then there was another scene that made her unforgettable. It hurts his self-esteem too much. After seeing the buns on the ground, the dog curiously leaned in and smelled it, but he never moved. Not only that, it even carried it on its back and urinated towards the place where the steamed bun was. The woman suddenly became stupid, and she was speechless: It hurts her self-esteem too much. What does it mean to feed buns to stray dogs with good intentions, but don’t think it’s okay if they don’t eat them and urinate? When the little sister was angry with the stray dog, this guy went to smell the previous piece of cake again, bit into his mouth and ate it again. Damn, we don't understand what a stray dog ​​is doing, and it's capricious to get people's mentality. I'm afraid it's not the buns bought in Tianjin, right? Miss and sister then uploaded the video of feeding stray dogs to the Internet, and wanted to hear the opinions of netizens. Some netizens said that maybe the stray dog ​​wanted to tag this "bun" and call other brothers to eat it. Some netizens also bluntly said that this is not the Goubuli buns bought in Tianjin, right? Hahahaha, veterinarian Xiao Ming thinks what everyone said is quite reasonable. However, we have also seen a stray dog ​​like this "picky eater". One night, Xiao Ming had only cat food on his body. Seeing that the stray dog ​​was hungry, he wanted to feed it, but he left after smelling it. No bite at all. Message: The epidemic has a great impact on the survival of stray animals. Originally, they could not find food, and it became even more difficult after the epidemic. It is hoped that more and more people will join the ranks of stray animals, give them warmth and allow them to survive. A lot of the time they don't ask for much, and some of our leftovers might keep them going for days. The pictures are from the Internet. If you have any questions, you can contact Xiaoming, a veterinarian. If you have pet health and pet care issues, pay attention to veterinarian Xiao Ming for consultation.


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