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Excellent as a "wolf green dog", why are so few people raising it?

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Excellent as a "wolf green dog", why are so few people raising it?

I believe that many people have heard of the wolf green dog. It is one of the native dogs in my country. It has strong working ability and is often regarded as a military and police dog. It is loyal to its owner and can be described as very excellent. But as excellent as a wolf green dog, why are so few people raising it?

belongs to the forbidden dog

The wolf green dog has a strong aggressiveness, is relatively large, and is very protective of its owner, so it is not familiar to strangers. People have strong vigilance and may be difficult to control. The risk of raising them in cities is still relatively large, so it is a prohibited dog.

Ferocious appearance

The wolf green dog looks domineering and ferocious, very handsome, but also very bluffing, usually It's very scary, so it's more troublesome to keep, so I can't go out to walk the dog, for fear of scaring passers-by and being complained. The most important thing is that there are very few opportunities to take out a showy dog. It is the pain that no one can appreciate the handsome dog together!

There are few pure-bred blue wolf dogs

Because of the development of society, merchants, for the sake of profit, sell blue wolf dogs and other dog breeds. Mating, so we see more of them are strings, and the appearance is not pure, so there are very few purebred wolf green dogs, so more people who want to keep purebred wolf green dogs will be discouraged. .

Strong self-awareness

Although the wolf green dog is more protective of its owner, its self-awareness is still relatively strong. It has the blood of the wolf, and it has certain It is wild, smart, and has its own ideas, so it is more difficult to tame. It needs more skilled dog training skills to make it better, so many people give up because they cannot tame it.

Large amount of exercise

The wolf green dog is relatively wild and is often used as a working dog, so it has a relatively large amount of exercise and a lot of energy exuberant. Many people are busy now and don't have much time to take it to exercise, unable to meet its exercise needs, and dare not raise it. It is best to accompany it to exercise more. You can also choose to play Frisbee games with it to effectively consume its physical strength. During the interaction, you can feed it a little snack to make it more satisfied and happy.

Big appetite

The wolf green dog has a large amount of exercise and needs more energy to be supplemented, so it eats a lot and is also a "big stomach king". So I didn't dare to raise it, maybe because I was afraid of being eaten by it. Therefore, it is best to choose a more cost-effective dog food for it, so that it can be full and not be poor. Conclusion: Do you like wolf green dog?


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